Town Of Galen


Ashley Fratus

6 South Park Street
Clyde, NY 14433
315-923-7259 ext 207
Table Of Contents:
Clerk to the Galen Town Supervisor
  • Maintains the official records for all funds
  • Receives, deposits and records all moneys
  • Responsible for necessary cash flow and investments
  • Prepares and records all expenditures
  • Maintains all pertinent vendor information
  • Pays and records town debt service payments
  • Prepares and maintains payroll records by fund and all related records
  • Cooridinates records for and payments of benifits to town employees
  • Prepares monthly treasurer reports for the town supervisor and town board
  • Works with state and independent auditors as needed
  • Conducts routine audits of town records as necessary
  • Maintains all bank accounts
  • Assists the town supervisor in the budget developement process